Ever saw an unattended bag (with JMKRIDE skates) left like this?

Turns out it belongs to Singapore’s one and only pro JMKRIDE freeskater – Coach James! He was on his day job and on his way to a freeskate lesson!

(Custom JMKRIDE skates and shoulder bags proudly supplied by Skatewerkz!)


New breath of life!

JMKRIDE Singapore – SKATEWERKZ website has completed its revamp! It now has cleaner interfaces and structure for easy browsing of all JMKRIDE products. 

We are also proud to announce that all JMKRIDE skates are now in stock. Many colors are available. Custom sets are also immediately available. 

Shop now! https://skatewerkz.com/shop/

[First to check out on this revamped website gets a free pair of edge guards! Just quote this post!]

Tada! Custom skates!

So.. the first shipment of JMK skates arrived. Those who have been waiting for their skates will get theirs in 3 days!

Anyway here is a pretty pair of JMK. Pastel colors. Beautiful combination. 😉

Custom skates

More skates coming in! Stay tuned!

JMK shipment arriving in Singapore

JMK Skates are finally arriving at tiny Singapore! Standard color combinations will come first. And the quirky colors will follow shortly!

Introducing our standard JMK colors!

*Stay tuned for quirky color combinations next!

Introducing JMK Skates!!!

Hello there! Here’s an introductory video of the endless possibilities with a pair of JMK Skates!


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